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You can find the final exam questions for english mechatronics engineers (bsc/msc) in the tables below.

Final exam registration in the 2021/22/2. semester within Neptun.

Beginning of registration period: 2022. 05. 02. 08:00
End of registration period: 2022. 05. 22. 23:59:59
Registration for absolved students ( absolutorium within 5 years ) is done by filling the OE-0022 request form in Neptun

Uploading thesis/diploma work:

From the 2020/21/2. semester onwards will be done through the Thesis work portal.

Mechatronics engineer bsc english
Basic operation of mobile robots (E) - (Word)
Industrial Robot Systems - (Word)
Industrial robot's kinematics and dynamics (E) - (Word)
Industrial robot's programming and simulation (E) - (Word)
Mechatronics of vehicles - (Word)
Mechatronic's system diagnostics (E) - (Word)
Micro and nanotechnology - (Word)
Programming I. (E) - (Word)

Mechatronics engineer msc english
Micro and nanotechnology KEXNTBAMNE - (Word)
Signal analysis, sensors (16) - (Word)
System and Control Theory BMXRI12MLE - (Word)
Vehicle Dynamics - (Word)
Vehicle Electronics (KMEJE1ENNM) - (Word)
Vehicle Informatics - (Word)

Mechatronics engineer MSc english
Informatics Specialization
Sensors and Signal Analysis + Micro- and Nanotechnics
System and Control Theory
Vehicle Dinamics + Electronics + Informatics
Mechatronics of Intelligent Robot Systems Specialization
Intelligent engineering systems + Intelligent systems
Multi-agent mobile robot systems + Fuzzy systems
Sensors and Signal Analysis (actuator, sensor) + System and Control Theory