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26th May 2016


General Introduction
The Bachelor level Mechatronics course in Hungarian language was launched at Budapest Tech, Banki Donat Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in September 2005. (We have continued under the name Óbuda University since 1 January 2010.) Taking into account the actual and prospective demands, a Bachelor level English language Mechatronics course will be launched also with specialisation: Complex systems.
Qualification: Bachelor of Engineering
Duration of studies: 7 semesters


Admission to the course
According to the present conception the Mechatronics course in English language will start in September 2006. Students have to sit for and pass a ’second’ preliminary examination and pay tuition fee in each semester. An intermediate level English language exam is an additional minimum requirement for admittance.

Background information of the course
The topics, subjects and the requirements are the same in both (Hungarian and English language) education forms, i.e. the curricula are totally identical. The personal background of this course is provided by the long-term expertise of the teaching staff.
The interdisciplinary nature of the curriculum (mechanical and electrical engineering) guarantees the necessary flexibility for the graduated students to find jobs in a wide scale of the domestic and European industry. The components of the information technology in the field of management and the special professional vocabulary obtained during the course further improve these odds Our students of Course found various jobs at international and foreign companies without troubles.
The English language Mechatronics course gives the frame for more intensive participation in international programmes like ERASMUS by admission of foreign teachers and students. It results in an increased mobility of Hungarian students, especially of the foreign language courses’ students.

Course leader: Dr. Mihály Réger vice-dean
Contact person: Istvan Nagy
Fax: (36-1) 666-5423
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