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Bachelor Degree

Integrated Engineering

Background information of the course

On the project within the frame of which the curriculum was obtained

Two legal predecessors of the present Budapest Polytechnic, namely the former "Bánki Donát" and "Kandó Kálmán" Polytechnics implemented a common project in co-operation with the Nottingham Trent University (NTU) in 1993. The curriculum was developed by the NTU with the professional support provided by the Chamber of Engineers of England and several leading industrial companies in the UK. Within the frames of a TEMPUS program run by the EU the Hungarian institutions were provided with the whole curriculum till 2001. The quality of the education was continuously monitored and controlled by the NTU during this period. In the meantime the curriculum was further developed and adapted to the needs prevailing in Hungary.

Training based on practical aspects and special projects

The courses are delivered in English. Their style and structure considerably differs from the traditional Hungarian approach especially in the construction of and interaction between the different modules. The basic knowledge repeatedly appears in the different modules at different levels in the light of the improved knowledge and it is considered from widening aspects. From practical point of view, training is based on separate projects run by teams of students. In the second academic year our students can solve complex tasks aiming at the design and production of mechanical devices also containing electric and electronic components. We have two such projects to be realized in teamwork. The third one, the Major Study Project has to be designed and implemented by separate individuals.

Good odds for finding appropriate jobs

The "interdisciplinary nature" of the curriculum guarantees the necessary flexibility for the graduates to find jobs in a wide scale of the local and European industry. The components of the information technology in the field of management and the special professional vocabulary obtained during the course further improve these odds. Our students have found various jobs at international and foreign companies active in Hungary from 1996.

Possibilities in Hungary to obtain the appropriate MSc level

The complementary part of the same course needed for the MSc level has been franchised from the NTU by the Technical University of Budapest. Application can be done on the basis of the BSc level obtained at the Budapest Polytechnic.

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